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Tim Op ’t Eyndt +32 499 53 92 91 +32 3 443 05 31 (Office)
As commercial manager, I take charge of the day-to-day management in order to further develop iFLUX into a succesful company.

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We are looking for both commercial and technical profiles. For an application, please provide your details to us via mail or linkedin.

Goedele Verreydt +32 473 83 64 62 +32 3 443 05 32 (Office)
As the inventor and inspirer of iFLUX technology and expert in the field of flux measurements for soil and groundwater contamination, I have a passion for flux measurements and research.

Marjan Joris +32 498 90 27 42 +32 3 443 05 35 (Office)
I am a geologist by education and fascinated by the processes in the subsurface. As an account manager, I look for solutions for you and help determine how flux measurements can be an added value. My technical background in environmental consultancy comes in handy here.

Erik Bosmans +32 471 90 41 12 +32 3 443 05 34 (Office)
I am Project Manager and thus guide our customers from A to Z to a successful iFLUX project. After 15 years of experience in remediation projects, I speak the language of our customers.

Stephen Andersen +32 470 41 50 11
I am a Business Developer, so your ‘go to’ for your new and growing relationship with iFLUX. My chemical and environmental engineering background helps me in understanding your situation.

Dries Goorts +32 475 40 56 66
With his background in environmental sciences, he ensures the smooth preparation and execution of projects at iFLUX. With his previous work experience as a consultant in the soil sector, he sees the undeniable importance of the interaction between soil and water. Something that will certainly come in handy at iFLUX!

Joris Cools +32 474 16 44 74 +32 3 443 05 36 (Office)
In the development of the digital sensor, I'm, as R&D manager, responsible for a synergy between the integration of state-of-the-art embedded electronics and a robust optimized mechanical design.

Alexia Leyssens +32 483 58 69 02
After my master's degree in water sustainability, I started working at iFLUX. There I am involved in the development and validation of the real-time sensors.

Carolien van Sas +32 487 22 39 02 +32 3 443 05 37 (Office)
With a passion for communication, I make sure you can find the right information online and offline about flux measurements in general and iFLUX in particular.

Ellen Lauwers +32 474 64 10 00
As the financial manager, I deal with iFLUX's figures. This means budgeting, payments, accounting and further development of the financial reporting and analysis.

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