Why flux measurements?

Unlike traditional concentration measurements, iFLUX developed a groundwater monitoring solution to explore simultaneously speed and direction of contaminant spreading underground. Furthermore, the measurement takes place over a certain period. This guarantees more certainty about the dispersion risks of soil and groundwater contamination, and can help to lower remediation costs.

How do contaminants spread in groundwater?

Our self-developed and validated monitoring technology maps out the mobility of contamination in groundwater. Current methods use no direct measurements but only simulations. This entails large uncertainties which cause remediation failures and higher costs for contaminated site owners.

How do we tackle a monitoring campaign?

We offer a comprehensive service to our customer in close cooperation with him, other project partners and experts. This way we safeguard and guarantee the quality of our results.

When does flux sampling offer added value?

Flux results offer valuable information for each type of groundwater management. Particularly with complex remediation cases, obtaining reliable site investigation is an added value to significantly lower remediation costs.

What results can you expect?

We interpret the collected information and visualize the results into clear data. This information can be used immediately to predict dispersion risks and to optimize the remediation process.

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