Flux project approach

Trust our comprehensive service

To guarantee the quality of the delivered monitoring results, we offer a comprehensive service. This entails that we take control of the complete iFLUX monitoring and analysis project, commissioned by and in close cooperation with environmental consultants. A short clarification of the different steps.

iFLUX Project

iFLUX offers an integrated solution in close cooperation with the environmental consultant to guarantee accurate flux results. A typical project includes 4 milestones.

1 - Field design

Based on preliminary site investigation and customer input, a detailed monitoring campaign is developed.

2 - On-site sampler installation

Our quality management system ensures robust and trustworthy production of our iFLUX cartridges. An authorized field team will guarantee a precise installation of the selected iFLUX samplers on site.

3 - Retrieval and lab analysis

After retrieval, dedicated transport from site to our partner laboratory is taken care of. A certified lab analysis provides the raw flux data measured.

4 - Data analysis and reporting

Validated flow field distortion calculations deliver detailed and reliable flux data in the aquifer. Our end report contains comprehensible graphs and maps of the designated field.