What deliverables?

Clear reports for further processing

We deliver clear tables and visualizations of the pollutant flux in groundwater. Environmental experts can directly use these reliable data to determine the dispersion risks and further elaborate on the remediation case.

We do not replace environmental experts or consultants responsible for the execution and monitoring of the complete remediation case.

As a reliable partner we enrich the project with reliable data and information on the flux of groundwater contamination. This constitutes a solid base for further calculations and models.

This way we improve the quality of decision-making within the remediation project, which ultimately will result in serious cost savings.

Visit our new FLUXeye application and discover what results you can expect after an iFLUX monitoring campaign.

You will find an example iFLUX report, multiple case studies about successful iFLUX applications and more information about the flux methodology and how a project is practically completed.

Want to find out how iFLUX is being used in practice?